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The Town of Chelmsford Scholarship Fund was founded on April 8, 1957 and has been awarding scholarships continually since then, totaling over $1.5 million. The Fund obtains its income from voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations and businesses and does not obtain any funding from tax revenues. The town of chelmsford scholarship fund is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.

A group of citizens associated with various Parent Teacher Organizations in the mid-1950’s became aware of the need for a unified program of financial assistance for students of Chelmsford who wished to continue their education beyond secondary school.


After many  months of planning, the Town of Chelmsford Scholarship Fund Inc. formally came into existence on April 8, 1957. Since it’s inception, income for the fund has come from voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations and businesses.

The fund exists to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to residents of Chelmsford who have completed secondary school and wish to continue their undergraduate education.

  • Can a student reapply?

Students may reapply by completing the total application process. Students are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years even if they didn’t receive a scholarship the previous year.

  • What are the criteria for awarding scholarships?

The chief factors considered in awarding scholarships are as follows:  need, scholastic achievement, a letter of acceptance from an accredited school  of higher education, and qualities of character that indicate success in higher education.

  • How are the recipients selected?

Two Directors of the Financial Needs committee convert confidential information into a rating to determine the applicant's financial need.  This is done based on the PROFILE financial analysis received from the Collegeboard’s College Scholarship Service (CSS).  The strictest confidentiality is observed.  This rating is then combined with a rating made by an experienced Selection committee, which interviews applicants and evaluates criteria other than need.  The combined ratings indicating need and potential for success form the basis for scholarship consideration by the combined committees.

  • How can I help?

Citizens may assist by encouraging students to apply, supporting fund-raising activities and by contributing to the annual fund appeal in March. Please visit our Contributor Page for more information about donations.

  • How is the Fund administered?

The Board of Directors of the Scholarship Fund is composed of twenty-two citizens of Chelmsford, representatives of the community-at-large. There are five standing committees:  Ways and Means, Selection, Financial Needs, Memorial Scholarships, and Investments, to which members are appointed by the president. All directors serve in a voluntary capacity. Dependents of directors are ineligible to receive scholarship grants.

  • What is a Designated or Memorial Scholarship?

A donor of $1,000 or more may choose the name by which a scholarship in the amount donated will be publicly designated. Memorial contributions received which total $500 or more will be used to award a Memorial Scholarship in honor of an individual or in memory of a deceased person(s). Any director may be contacted for information on a Continuing Memorial Scholarship. Please visit our Contributors Page to see our Designated Scholarships.

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